It’s no secret among those in the technology world that companies are struggling to innovate. But how will companies come to provide us with what we know is not what is needed but what is required? Giga power, that is…

You might want to try asking Jeff Bexlos. It’s a question every manufacturer will have to face in the near future but that’s exactly why it’s important. It’s only been since recent years we’ve started to see a change in approaches to providing the kinds of technology that enable great growth in the sectors that rely on giga power. It’s giga city!

But who is answering the deeper questions – not of the B2B sphere, but of consumers having access to technology that identifies mass cultural trends and integrates them to create a collective cloud-powered QHD innovation?

It’s straightforward IN PRINCIPLE, but not so clear when viewed from a distance. There are some sure ways to get innovation back on track in the current climate. Provide OEMs with what they need to enable strategic growth both in and out of the niche they work to supply. Support startups but recognise when it’s ok to look at alternative strategies. Only these tactics will build the right kind of ecosystem, and say goodbye to physical media BEFORE it’s too late – and we all know how that story ends.


Let’s be realistic. It’s only been a short time since IoT took centre stage, and in the future all these tools will be not just necessary but SURPLUS to our innovation needs – and that’s the least of it! If technology is to succeed, the developers need not only support and time, but the GIGABYTES needed to support delivery. This is the key, and no amount of blind faith is going to change it for the WORLD, let alone the planet.

What are we to make of these moves? It’s a POWER GRAB, plain and straight. But is that so bad if firms have the wherewithal AND the timing to roll out products as the manufacturer requires it to be? We’re smarter than that, and we owe it to the ethos of technology to brand our innovations as and when we introduce a product category.


Innovation or a hidden subterfuge?

All is not lost, however. We’ve seen the rapid growth of connectivity options both for and against the kinds of gigabit download speeds that realistically only the most archaic companies are clinging to. Why? Try asking Bill Cook or Tim Bexis!

Is it enough? Who knows. How long until innovation leads the pack and not stagnation is upheld for our times? It’s unclear. But then, so was Gigabit…